Final trimester of pregnancy - Why is it important & how to play safe

Pregnancy is one of the most important phases of a woman's life. A new life is nurtured from the mother - a new world to be seen after coming out from the mother's womb. The pregnancy is categorized mainly into 3 trimesters - First, second and third. Each trimester requires a different level of precautions and diet plans. The 3rd trimester is an important phase of all the delivery stages since it is the final trimester before pregnancy and any diet or exercise should be done with utmost precaution. The 3rd trimester starts once you have entered the 7th month.

What are the possible complications that could happen during the 3rd trimester?

  • Travel

    It is the most common problem that arises with pregnancy. There may be times that you need to travel during your maternity time. It is not advisable to travel for a longer time in cars or take distant flight travels. There are more possibilities to get blood clots in the abdomen, exposure to infections or unexpected miscarriage causing a threatening situation to both the mother and the baby.

  • Uncomfortable feeling

    You don't feel comfortable all the time. There could be a period of distress during the pregnancy times arising due to hormonal changes happening inside the body. Also, there could be discomfort caused by stretching belly pops making you very uneasy.

  • Exhaustion

    You are, actually, eating for two. Pregnancy times, mostly, have a negative influence on food habits. Fewer food intakes lead to exhaustion and anaemia causing a tired feeling and the baby receives less food through the mother.

  • Mood swings

    It is an another common factor in pregnant women. These are very common symptoms, making the women happy at one time and could turn sad or sorrowful in the next instant without any reason.

  • Anxiety

    Anxiety is also a more common problem than depression. Anxiety is mainly caused due to stress, lack of sleep and overthinking. Panic attacks could develop from anxiety leaving both the mother and the baby in a state of bother.

What are the steps to be followed during the final trimester?

Since pregnancy is a critical stage in a mother's life, it demands proper rest and utmost care all the time until delivery. Below mentioned are the prominent factors or guidelines needed to be followed by pregnant women during the final trimester.

  • Sleep

    Take as much rest as possible in the form of sleep. It is the basic requirement during pregnancy. Since it is the final stages of pregnancy, your belly would have an increased size and a careful sleeping posture is required. It is not advisable to lie upside down or at your back facing upwards. You should lie on the bed by turning to your left as it doesn't affect the uterus. Sleep is also good for mental health as rests create a positive impact on your mind and body.

  • Make time for yourself

    Mother's care starts even before the birth of the child. Right from food to sleep and making yourself fit, you are doing for both of you. Hence, eat a proper food diet and have a structured food plan or chart for every day and maintain a healthy food appetite for a healthy labour. It's good to practise meditations or exercises to calm down your mind and improve your physical & mental health.

  • Frequent doctor visits

    Make consultations with your medical advisor if you feel something isn't right or get counselling on a regular diet or exercises. If you are prescribed medicines, confirm their doses and check for a change in routines if needed.

  • Be fit and welcome pain

    One of the best ways to embrace pain is to practice exercises and keep yourself fit, both physically and mentally. Mastering yoga asanas could prove vital and considered to be the most viable option during maternity times as it helps pregnant women, physically and mentally, with poses and techniques resulting in a safe and healthy delivery. Motherhood is an important responsibility and it starts right from your gestation period. Follow the above-mentioned tips on what needs to be done and what to be ignored during your pregnancy times for safe and secured labour.

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