4 significant benefits of pregnancy yoga

Yoga is an ancient form of exercise containing different techniques and poses done mainly for physical and mental wellbeing. Yoga's are practised widely for many purposes and they also play a major role during the pregnancy period in women. They help the pregnant women to go for safe and healthy delivery with specific asanas that are to be performed only during maternity. Wonder how? Check out the benefits of yoga explained below.

Benefits of yoga during pregnancy

Yoga offers a whole lot of difference both physically and mentally for moms-to-be. The benefits of pregnancy yoga are:

Improved sleep

Sleep is an essential factor during pregnancy. It calms down your mind and muscles to get a sound sleep. It is found that most pregnant women don't sleep as they take day naps, making it harder to sleep at night causing insomnia. Some of the common problems pregnant women face during insomnia are:

  • Congestion & heartburn
  • Leg cramps
  • Abdominal discomfort
  • Back pain
  • Nausea or vomiting

Yoga takes a great privilege in eradicating these problems with proper asanas and meditation that induces sleep in the mother creating a soothing experience for the baby resulting in sound delivery.

Relaxed muscles

One of the most common problems during pregnancy is muscle cramps. It has been estimated that half of the total women who are pregnant have faced muscle cramps during pregnancy. The extra weight of carrying the baby creates additional weight, making it harder to adapt to the new condition and could face a lot of difficulty during labour, which causes ligament problems and walking concerns.

Pregnancy yoga makes an effective solution with the help of asanas and poses that strengthen your pelvic muscles, making it easier during labour and creating more chances for normal delivery. Also, lessens your orthopaedic pains expected during pregnancy.

Stable breathing

Not only the mother, but the child inhales the same oxygen too. During the later stages of pregnancy, the child would need more oxygen and your body would be able to supply the required amount. So, there may be a shortage of oxygen supply for the baby.

Yoga provides the comfort of delivering stable breathing with the help of pranayama and breathing techniques, where a constant flow of air is supplied to both the mom and the child.

Reduced stress and anxiety

There are so many changes that could happen during pregnancy and one of the factors could be a mood swing, which could create a negative impact. Yoga acts as an able solution for the mood swing, where some poses and techniques improve blood circulation in the body making you keep active and healthy.

There are certain times to perform yoga. There are certain yoga asanas needed to be done only in a particular trimester, which, if not, would cause a lot of trouble. It's better to consult with your physician to perform the exercises. Also, perform your yoga asanas under the strict supervision of the instructor, as a slight change in the pose or technique could become dangerous.

Want to know more about pregnancy yoga and safe poses and asanas for a safe and healthy pregnancy? Talk to us today.

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